Here we go….

Here we go…new blog, new home, new business. Plenty of things to talk about, some of which you may actually find interesting. For starters:

The Prancing Otter is an alter ego of Peg Silloway, new resident of the very green, very damp Pacific Northwest. Otters are inquisitive, social, fun-loving creatures and I believe that – given the chance – they might well prance for the pure delight of it.

The Prancing Otter is also the name of a business. I’ve recently returned to a favorite activity – making jewelry. So from time to time I will reflect and opine on the materials, the process, and the fun of putting together silver, stones, and glass to create something fun and lovely.

Cats will be a frequent focus of the blog, too. I’m a cat lover, and if I shared my home with more than one I could probably qualify as a crazy cat lady. For now, I enjoy one sweet, geriatric cat at home and several adoptable younger cats where I volunteer for care-giving duty.

As for the “Everything else”, that could be publishing (my other business), science, music, travel, or just about – well – anything else as the inspiration (or lack of) moves me.

So welcome! Thanks for stopping by. Please come back now and then. I’d love to hear what you think about what you read here.


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