It’s not like they said it would be…it’s better

We moved to Oregon from Maryland a few months ago. So many people told us that it would be solid gray and rainy for months on end. I don’t think they meant to mislead, but the weather has not lived down to their predictions. Today is a good example.

The day started off gray, and when I went to get the newspaper from the driveway the always present plastic bag had water droplets on it. In a matter of three hours later there was bright sunshine enough to make me drop the shade next to my desk to keep the glare off my computer screen. I found reasons to dawdle on my short trip to the mailbox and admire the deep green firs and crystal blue sky. Now, four hours later, the sky is mostly gray with only patches of gray-blue. I expect it will rain again before the night is over.

This is not what we were promised – it is much better! In mid-February there are flowers blooming in pots on the deck – I did not plant them, they simply keep living on  in planters that the previous owners left, and popping open more sunshine-yellow flowers regardless of frosts (a few) and snow (one brief dusting). Out front daffodils and tulips are several inches high, and lily plants are spring out of the dark earth.

Yep, I think I’ll be able to handle the Pacific Northwest winter just fine.


2 thoughts on “It’s not like they said it would be…it’s better

  1. I’m incredibly grateful for how lovely my life is these days. Now if I can just box up and put away that nagging feeling that it’s too good to last, that I haven’t “earned” this. Sheesh.

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