My annual fine craft fix

It’s the last weekend in February. I was supposed to be getting my annual fine craft fix by wandering around the cavernous Baltimore Convention Center with my best friend and my sister. They both reminded me we had agreed that we would all go together to the American Craft Council show  this year. The only thing we didn’t count on was me moving to Oregon.

So the craft show goes on without me this year, though I doubt the show will notice. But I’m missing my annual chat with one of the great glass artists of today, Josh Simpson, whose work I collect on a very small scale. I’m missing the temptations abounding in every aisle, along with the occasional booths that made us say, “How did they get into the show?” Most of all, I am missing spending the day with my friend who is a pediatric nurse turned ceramic artist turned super-successful real estate agent/broker who does Real Estate the Rome Way. We met many years ago when she was still making pottery and I was still being a CPA. We’ve shared the transitions through careers and all the twists and turns our lives have taken. And every February we spent a day immersing ourselves in brilliant creativity and going home with feet aching and creative souls restored. I miss that.




4 thoughts on “My annual fine craft fix

  1. Next year?! I hadn’t realized the weekend was here until Margaret posted about it. I will have to make do with Lyndhurst and Rhinebeck craft fairs this year, I suppose. But I wish moseying around the Baltimore one with you two.

  2. There haven’t been many times yet when I wished I could transport myself across country for a day, but that was one of them. Went back and looked at Margaret’s posts from last year – remember the dramatic hats you modeled? If a certain deal on some property comes through, I may have to put some of that aside for outrageous splurges like a weekend in Baltimore for the craft show with my sister and friend.

    Rhinebeck is a good show, or used to be. I did it one year and had fun. ‘Tis a worthy stand-in for Baltimore.

  3. Peg, As you know, I went to the show and enjoyed it enough for both of you. Fun talking from the convention center.
    Anne Hruby loved her very first, but not last, ACC show. Looking forward to next February with you and I again sharing the crafts together.

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