Leap Day “Winter”

The folks at Mt. Hood are thrilled – many inches of new powder arriving today. Folks in the West Hills area of Portland are probably not so thrilled – that’s a very hilly area so driving will not be much fun. As for us, we are down in the Willamette (that’s Will-AM-et for you non-Oregonians) Valley and expected just rain. Leap Day surprise!

OK, that makes two days we’ve had visible if not measurable snow this winter. Oh, this is such a tough adjustment. 🙂


One thought on “Leap Day “Winter”

  1. Well, White Plains had rain and Peekskill had some snow and Poughkeepsie had more snow! Geography is destiny?! And how neat that you’re in an area where you can basically choose your climate–you want snow? go to Mt. Hood; you want rain? stay home! Enjoy.

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