Cats of several colors

Cat Mola stitch detailAn unexpected benefit of surviving a cross country move has been the resurfacing of long-buried treasures. Case in point: Molas. Marvelously creative reverse applique works of colorful cotton and thread from the San Blas Islands near Panama. These cats and a couple other pieces turned up during packing – souvenirs of a cruise several years ago – and now are in my office waiting for a way to be properly displayed.

Should they be framed? Stitched onto a pillow?  I haven’t decided yet – suggestions welcome! Each one has a personality (felinality?) that deserves to be seen. Two cats seem quite content, hunkered down with their tails wrapped around and eyes agog as if they’ve been into the catnip.

The solo cat is more mysterious – his tail is up and one leg seems to be kicked back as if he’s seen in mid-dash. Perhaps San Blas cats have a “crazy time” like what we see when the cat suddenly tears around the house for no apparent reason. That’s the nice thing about handcrafts: each piece is unique, and each shows the artist’s own personality and sense of humor.


3 thoughts on “Cats of several colors

  1. I like the idea of pillows, especially for the hunkers. They can be with you anywhere–your office, the car, traveling companions. The other cat could be a centerpiece for a card table cover–the calico treatment (that’s my guess) also looks like it either swallowed a deck of cards or a bunch of bow ties!

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