My present arrived!

Several years ago I discovered the lyrical writing of Julie Zickefoose in an article she wrote for the National Conservancy magazine. Then I found her website and her blog, and then her beautifully written and illustrated book, Letters from Eden. I love the way she crafts her articles using words that create colorful mental images and at the same time infuse them with emotion. Wow, I envy that talent!

You can imagine how excited I was when she announced the publication of her new book, The Bluebird Effect. Advance order placed, I somehow had it in mind that the book would be published in May. Surprise! The mailman brought me an early birthday present today.

Oh, this is a beautiful book! Pick it up and you know it’s a well made book. The publisher used heavy, gloss white paper to do justice to the illustrations that illuminate many pages. (I opened the book at random and found an osprey with a fish clutched in its talons, and I could almost smell the salt air.) The boards are solid, and I love colored endpapers – these are spring green. The dust cover is a heavy, deliciously textured cream that perfectly complements the front and back illustrations. Eye candy, word candy, soul candy in my hand.

Two prized autographs!And there is one more thing that makes this an especially prized book: It is signed not only by the author but also by Chet Baker himself!

Will I get much work done this afternoon? Probably not. Do I mind? What do you think?


2 thoughts on “My present arrived!

  1. Thank you for writing about this! I will have to order this once it’s published (March 20). And someday I’ll return your copy of Letters from Eden… Her work is spellbinding, both in the drawings and the writing. Maybe you can find inspiration for your jewelry in her pages, too.

  2. I read Julie when I need a smile or some sunshine. Even when she’s decrying an injustice or mourning a loss her writing is inspiring both for its content and its honesty.

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