The naming of cats – Vernal Equinox

Calico cat face close-upHere’s today’s except from The Cat Lover’s Book of Days

“The first day of spring is full of promise and hope: The promise of blooming trees and flowers, and hope that the profusion of color and scent lasts more than a few days. Springtime inspires poets and people naming their cats. ”

Who do Daffodil, Pussywillow, Geranium, Rose, Violet, Zinnia, and Nasturtium have in common? The answer is on the March 20 page of this book that won the Muse Medallion as best gift book. And if you’re thinking ahead to the birthday of your cat-loving friend, my book is available on Amazon.

Today’s quote: “Cats are living adornments.” ~ Edwin Lent.  So true.


2 thoughts on “The naming of cats – Vernal Equinox

  1. What a lovely reminder of some of the cats in my life. Just thinking of them, and the fun we had naming them brightened up a dark wet day here in Texas.

    • I remember Daffodil so well – a lovely black and white kitty with stunning yellow eyes. Even with the long line of goldens in your home, the cats have enjoyed happy lives. Nothing like animal companions to brighten dank days be they Texan or Oregonian!

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