The jewelry design muse returns

After being off on some unknown jaunt, the jewelry design muse finally came back. With no apology for being away, she brought a new idea for spring and summer earrings. “Keep them light and airy,” she said, as she started pulling out beads and bits of wire to demonstrate. “Make them bend and move. Add some twists and turns. And go easy on the beads. There!”

The muse will not be ignored, and I learned a long time ago that I should listen when she’s around because I can’t count on her being here when I need her! 

As usual, she’s right. Jewelry for spring and summer should be lighter and should have plenty of movement. Colors of sea, sky, meadow, and flowers are what you want. In spring pastels bring to mind daffodils, tulips, and colored eggs. The transition to summer adds brighter and warmer colors to match the season.

The first crop is in with spiraling silver earrings accented with glass beads. Springtime anyone?


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