Cats + Boxes = Fun. This cat IS a box.

I’ll admit it – I live with a certain amount of clutter. I like to have around me items that have meaning – a connection to a special person, or a souvenir of a place or experience. So it is with this cat that is a box. Even better, it is a puzzle box – you cannot get inside to its treasures unless you take it apart like a puzzle.

Cats, of course, are important in my life, and I’ve collected some boxes and other items that are or contain the images of cats. This particular box brings back a February day that included a walk in a rain forest, an encounter with a poisonous “blue jean” frog, and a delightful rain forest lunch as part of an excursion in Costa Rica. There, along with the plantains, were handcrafts made from local materials such as this happy little cat. Smooth to the touch and nicely finished, I could not resist adding it to my collection.

Small but clever is this box, clearly made with care, and I like that it hides treasures like the turquoise “health” stone or a pair of Earlings. It was inexpensive but its value is immense, bringing back as it does a very special memory.

Is there a special memory item in your home?


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