Esplanade Extraordinaire!

ImageFor three glorious days Portland, Oregon has been drenched in sunshine and warmed to record levels for this time of year. With high pressure in place and every green thing bursting into leaf and bloom, we just had to be outside and so we headed for another new-to-us area, the Eastside Esplanade. This lovely walkway winds along the Willamette River opposite downtown Portland, giving great views of the city and the many bridges carrying foot, bicycle, car, and rail traffic from east to west and back again.

Over two days we soaked up sun and sights to last through the coming weeks of not-so-lovely days. We realized that there are about as many types and conformations of bicycles as there are riders, and we enjoyed watching the hundreds (maybe thousands) of others also enjoying the days at paces ranging from our own ambling to fast-pedaling streak.

Mostly, it was just wonderful to be outside in air that is clear, warm, and dry…oh yes, we do NOT miss the mid-Atlantic humidity! Windows open, we let in the warmth and freshness, feeling almost as lazy as Miss Kira the cat who finds spots of sun for her many naps. Life is good.


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