The Baking Itch

Do you ever get the itch to just “make something?” In my case, if that “something” is not jewelry, it is most likely a baked thing. Tomorrow I get a shipment from King Arthur (the baker’s store in Vermont – wonderful place!) that will include some espresso powder and silicone pie crust edge protectors. I finally got tired of splicing and wrestling foil into a strip to protect the pie crust edge from overbrowning. They will be used this weekend for a pecan pie and a small shoo-fly pie destined for a plant swap meet.

But it’s the espresso powder that’s talking to me since I don’t have a current plan for it. Add it to brownies? Dissolve some and add it to my morning faux frappuccino? I suspect there will be chocolate involved…maybe some decadent, dark chewy cookies?

‘Scuse me while I go dive into my recipe box….


4 thoughts on “The Baking Itch

  1. If you want, I could send you a copy of the chocolate pecan pie recipe I have, and you could try the espresso powder in that. Or use it in the Mocha Angel pie?

  2. Yes! Please send that chocolate pecan pie recipe – talk about decadence! Hadn’t thought about the mocha angel, and the espresso might also work in a grasshopper pie to cut the sweetness. The challenge will be to keep the powder powdery – last time I bought the espresso powder over time it became espresso block, and I had to chip at it with a knife to get some off. That was in tupperware so I’ll have to find something more moisture-proof this time.

    • I might try that. The order arrived and the espresso powder is in a jar with a screw-on cap – last time it was in a heavy zip-lock bag that was hard to close which is why I put it in the tupperware in the first place. I keep brown sugar in the freezer and I could just put the espresso jar in there, too.

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