More garden gifts

The garden here continues to give us beautiful surprises. For months I wondered what the clumps of large, rumpled-edge leaves out front would be. For the answer, think Katherine Hepburn: “The calla lilies are in bloom.” These exotic-looking flowers seem to have lost their way from some tropical home, but I’m glad they are here to grace us with their elegance.

And over among the irises there’s a columbine struggling for space and producing these showy flowers while stubbornly hanging on to its few square inches of soil. Unimpressed with the towering plants around it, this little beauty has put out flowers that look as if they belong in a production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” all fairies and fantasy.

Thank you, those who lived here before, for the lovely spring surprises you are providing us!


3 thoughts on “More garden gifts

  1. Ah, brings back fond memories of living in the Santa Cruz mountains. Below our house were tons of WILD calla lilies, so many that I could cut an armload each week and keep a vase on my dining room table stocked with them all spring. Sigh.

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