Made it! I think….

Today’s baking is done and – I think – successfully. The cranberry coffee cake? Just fine. Nice cake, good texture, not too sweet, with the cranberries for a bit of tart to offset the sweetness of the  brown sugar and cinnamon topping. Of course we had to test it – can’t run the risk of serving something that doesn’t measure up, now can we?

Then there are the Berger-type cookies. The first phase seemed to go well, Made the chocolate topping and left it to cool to room temperature while I made the cookies. Everything looked the way it should. Then when the cookies were completely cooled, I did the dip-and-swirl to get a base layer of chocolate followed by a slathering of more chocolate on top with a small spatula. They are shiny and looking good…and when it was done a I had a finger-licking good time!

But did the Berger-type cookies succeed? As of now they are still setting up. If the chocolate solidifies then all will be fine. I’ve put a couple of them in the fridge to see if that helps; if they don’t set up it will be quite a challenge transporting them much less eating them. We’ll just have to be patient (ha!) and see.


3 thoughts on “Made it! I think….

  1. One of the commenters on the King Arthur recipe said that she put them in the freezer. Hope they made it–they look yummy, and I’m sure tasted great no matter their “setting.”

    • I put them in the fridge to stiffen up and that worked, and they stayed fine for a couple of hours at room temperature. Wouldn’t want to keep them out in hot weather, though!

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