When Calla Lilies Attack

Seeing all the wonders of the garden this spring has been delightful, and one of the best surprises was the elegant calla lilies. There are two large and impressive groups of them along with several smaller offshoots that now dominate the front planting area.

But yesterday I noticed a new and somewhat disturbing development. Scouts. Or perhaps spies. I’m not sure what these two blooms are up to, but I’m beginning to give them a wide berth as I go to the mail box. Are they seeking more growing space, or perhaps sniffing out prey?

Whatever their intentions, my path is clear. As soon as they stop blooming, there will be some enthusiastic digging and thinning of this herd. If anyone would like some lovely calla lilies for their garden, just let me know and I’ll save some for you.

And in the meantime, I’ll be carrying a large stick when I go for the mail!


2 thoughts on “When Calla Lilies Attack

  1. LOL! It’s true they are poisonous to cats (so I don’t cut them for indoor
    arrangements) but maybe there is a nice little homicide in there somewhere. I’ve actually been working on an old mystery manuscript – maybe too much?

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