Sweet and Sour

The surprises keep coming. The Sweet – actual, edible cherries from our own tree! Based on what we saw in the grocery store, I think these are Rainier cherries. They certainly are sweet, and except that it takes a VERY long pole to get them down, they are accessible. Yum!

The Sour – we planned to add a small rhododendron and an even smaller honeysuckle to the back garden area. Digging the hole for the rhody first, we got a few inches down and hit wood. Oh, they buried a branch. Move a bit and try again. And again. And again. Eventually we traced the wood obstruction for about eight feet long and more than a foot deep, and still couldn’t budge it.

Time to call for help, and fortunately our next door neighbor and his son were happy to help. With pickaxes and axes and assorted other serious tools they were able to chop and remove most of the large limb that we think must have been buried when the house was built. The rhododendron went right into the trench and seems happy; the honeysuckle is snugged up to the fence in a hole that could be deeper…but we hit another branch!  At least we now understand why there is so little growing in that area of the garden!


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