Cat Molas, Part 2

I’ve had these molas – bought on the San Blas Islands off Panama – for about 11 years and never got around to doing anything with them. Well, I can finally check that off my “to-do” list.

After years of accumulating bits and pieces, each of which has meaning or a memory attached, I’ve arrived at a place of living with “stuff” all over the place. Walls are a great way to enjoy souvenirs without having to dust them (well, not often anyway.) So my cats of many colors now smile down from the walls. The colorful, grinning twins are nestled together above the “Whatever” clock in my office.  Below the the clock is a memento of my days making stained glass pieces: called “Cattin’ Around,” it is a pair of northbound Siamese cats as seen from the southern point of view.

As for the large cat mola, she (I think the cat must be a she with all that colorful bling!) didn’t fit into a frame well, so she got a bit of fabric border to bring out her brilliant turquoise accents. She’s decorating a wall in the kitchen so she can keep an eye on everything going on.

Now, all I need are some patterns and a few years to deal with all the yarn in the cedar chest. Another day.


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