Going Rogue

The Rogue River is one of those wind-all-over-the-map rivers with multiple personalities. It starts on Mt. Mazama, or as it is better known, the volcano that is home to the magnificent Crater Lake. From that lofty beginning the Rogue travels south and east, eventually reaching the Pacific Ocean. Along the way it is serene in some areas and raging wild in others. Last weekend we saw some if its moods, pulling off the road several times to see what the Rogue River was up to.

In one area it was a broad and gentle river just right for a lazy summer afternoon’s contemplation. But further up the road it tore through a narrow gorge, roaring across rocks and continuing to carve into the sheer walls around it. Then the next day and further down toward the sea, the Rogue was both placid and full of whirls and small rapids. Rafts and kayaks floated and paddled along, some aiming for the white water and others steering around the choppy areas. Many people enjoyed the river on that warm weekend, but I suspect it was the Yellow Lab in the red raft who had the most fun. Where better to be if you are a water-loving dog?


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