Color My World

Still playing with colors and what one friend called “just enough bling” in new jewelry.

For fun I made these “Cat of My Heart” earrings an unmatched pair. The porcelain heart charm I’ve had for years and found that I like the combination of baroque pearls and aventurine chunks along with the cat charm.

On the bench now are deeper hues of black agate and smoky crystal with interesting oblique facets. And I finally found the right beads to go with those large-hole and made donut beads. The earrings came together in a flash, and the bracelet lies ready for assembly needing only the magnetic clasp due any day – photos to come!

That’s another important change – I’m now making most bracelets with strong magnetic clasps. After fumbling to control lobsterclaw and spring ring clasps, I’ve decided it’s worth the investment to make my bracelets easy to get on and off, and so even easier to love. As time allows I’m re-stringing everything to have the so-much-easier mag clasps.

Yep, still having fun!


One thought on “Color My World

  1. Love the cat earrings–it would be fun to see more of the coordinated but unmatching pairs! And good idea on the clasps–the magnetics make a big different in ease of donning one’s baubles.

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