Red, Green, Gold, Silver, Blue, and 15% Off

Those are the colors of the winter holidays – rich gem tones that add sparkle to short, dark days. They are the colors of glass, crystal, and stone beads that I gravitate toward when the air turns chilly. Steaming hot cafe mocha replaces iced drinks, and rich chowders take the place of cool potato salad on the menu.

As the rain pounds against the window and the wind roars, I’m grateful to be warm and dry. I read others’ blogs this Thanksgiving week, see their thankful lists, and think about all the things I’m thankful for as well. I even made a list inspired by the one on Ingrid King’s The Conscious Cat blog; mine is still a work in progress but I figure I’ll have it done in time for Thanksgiving.

Now I’m going to make some more colorful stretch bracelets that I hope will grace many wrists this holiday season. At only $10 each including a nice gift box, they make a great gift. You can see the latest additions in my shop – just click on the “Bracelets” section. And remember to enter the discount code HOLIDAY at checkout to save 15% on your purchase!


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