Checklists – The Naughty and Nice

Lists everywhere. Presents to buy or make. Goodies to bake. Jewelry to design. Decorations to unpack or replace. Cards to address and mail (yes, I still like real printed cards.) House fix-up chores. I need all these lists, but sometimes they are so overwhelming that nothing seems to get done!

Time to step back and trim those lists into the “really, really need to do” and the “yeah, these would be nice, but nothing bad will happen and nobody but me will notice if they don’t get done” lists. Interesting, isn’t it, how many actually end up on that first list?

Hard Candy Quartz and Glass Stretch BraceletToday I’m down to two lists – the “really, really” of things that have to happen today (Naughty), and the “Prancing Otter Show” list of things I need for Saturday (Nice.) Because at approximately 0-dark-thirty on a winter’s Saturday morning, instead of sleeping I’ll be heading out for a Holiday Bazaar. The lovely folks at Laurel Parc, a senior living community, are having their annual shopping celebration and have invited me to be part of the fun. Since early morning is definitely not my best time, the “Show” checklist is essential.

The Cat Lover's Book of DaysOn that list are the usual items – display racks, gift boxes and ribbons, price lists, business cards, and lots of jewelry. I’m thinking my colorful stretch bracelets for $10 a piece will be popular gifts, so I’ve made a couple dozen, each one unique. I’ll also have several copies of my award-winning book, The Cat Lover’s Book of Days, because no cat lover can have too many books about that favorite subject. And for the first time I can make shopping easy because I can now accept any type of credit card! Yes, I got one of those little Square card readers to go with my wonderful new smarter-than-me phone.

So…if you’re in the Portland area this Saturday between 8:00 and 3:00, stop in and say “Hi” at the Laurel Parc Holiday Bazaar: 15850 NW Central Drive, Portland, OR 97229. There will be hot cider and coffee to warm you up, and lots of non-cyber, real, in-person shopping with local vendors. Nice!


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