Colors to Brighten Winter Days

When you think of winter, what colors come to mind? Silver-gray or brilliant blue for the sky? Deep green for the evergreen trees? Red and gold for decorations? No matter what your own traditions, you probably have a favorite color that means “winter holidays” to you.

Malachite and Sterling Silver Pendant and Chain by Peg SillowayFor me it’s green. The deep, almost teal green of pine and fir trees. The rich, glowing, emerald green of gemstones, malachite like the photo, and tourmaline. Even the spring-like color of grass that stays green all winter long in the Pacific Northwest. Green is a promise that, even though we are near the shortest day of the year at the winter solstice, spring will come soon enough.

Often I find myself reaching for green stones and beads when I start a jewelry project. Green looks good on just about every person, and you can pair it with gold, silver, leather, or silk cord to create a bracelet, necklace, or earrings. Braclets in Shades of Green

If you love a color, if it makes you smile, then surround yourself with your special hue. Your clothing, coffee mug, accessories, jewelry (from The Prancing Otter, of course!) , even the ink you write with – life’s too short to fill your personal space with anything but what makes you happy. And you’ll have more to give to the people you love if you allow yourself some color comfort.


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