Taking Time to Breathe and Smile

Alpaca mom and babyThese last weeks of the year always seem to be a headlong dash to the finish line. Goodies to bake, house to clean and decorate, meals to plan, gifts to find/wrap/deliver or ship, and then one last whoop as the year ends. Whew! Instead of the joy and celebration that this time “should” bring, I find myself more exhausted and relieved when it’s over than I would like. It’s better than it used to be – no doubt. The reality of being not so young any more is that you have fewer gifts to buy, fewer packages to ship, fewer obligations. But there’s still pressure of time and the overbearing “to-do” list.

This year I’m consciously trying to depressurize these last couple of weeks. It’s taken three days to get our Christmas/Solstice/Winterfest tree decorated, but so what? That voice in my head saying, “Don’t sit down, there’s too much to do!” will just have to muzzle it. I’m taking time to breathe. I’m allowing myself to sit and read. I’m looking thrChocolate Alpaca Babyough photos to find something that makes me smile, which explains today’s photos. How can you not smile at the sweet, silly, supercilious expressions on alpacas? We met these furry creatures last summer, and they are just the right image for today.

Yes, I’ll be back to my bench making jewelry soon, and also packing up the last boxes of goodies to ship to family and friends. I’ll be writing and sending out The Prancing Otter newsletter, paying bills, and figuring out Google analytics. But I’ll have alpacas.


4 thoughts on “Taking Time to Breathe and Smile

    • Ah, but you are doing such good work and caring so deeply for such wonderful horses. Galahad is a testament to the ability of loving care to save and transform a life. Plus you dance and sew and cater to a rather self-important feline. Not much room for slowing in all that!

  1. It only took three days to do the tree?! I don’t even have a tree yet, btw, so you’re well ahead of the game. And it may be decorated by Christmas…

    I remember the day of the alpacas. They are very sweet-looking animals–in fact, they showed up this weekend as camel substitutes in a local Living Nativity!

    Good for you to remember breathing. And smiling. And remember that all those shoulds aren’t!

  2. Our tree has been up for more than a week, so it had its quiet, un-lit time plus a few days of lights only before I added ornaments. Since Christmas is a season and not only a day you can have that tree any time.

    I’d love to see alpacas as camel replacements! Much more docile, I expect, and entirely endearing.

    Yeah, I do have trouble still with the “shoulds” – how very persistent and pervasive are those early messages and models we had. Something to work on next year.

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