Now Comes the Hard Part

Years ago my sister gave me a Sesame Street Christmas record album – yes, a real vinyl platter that you play on a turntable – and I still enjoy it. My favorite song on the album is “Keep Christmas With You (All Through The Year),” an idea that would do our world good if we could only remember it past December 25.

Portland RosesAs horrific as the recent spate of gun violence has been, I’m heartened by the 26 Acts of Kindness trend that has people looking for ways to help others, unasked and unrewarded. It’s easy enough to give money to charities and take that tax deduction – it’s like paying another bill. Not so easy is being aware of small needs all around you – needs that have no 501(c)3 status, needs that have no formal organization, needs that maybe are not desperate but are burdensome none the less.

It’s hard to keep the Christmas spirit of caring and giving all year. But it’s a worthy goal no matter what your spiritual beliefs.


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