And Another Thing…

These first few days of the year bring a lot of talk about new beginnings, resolutions, hopes and dreams, plotting your course, and so forth. I long ago gave up resolutions – they seem to be good mostly for self-guilting. I certainly have earnest and heart-felt intentions, mostly around health and flexibility. I also have some large projects already lined up for the year in publishing and travel. Come to think of it, I’m pretty good about large, long term goals.

What I have the most trouble with is the day-to-day getting through those steps that take me from where I am to where I want and plan to be. So this year’s planning includes what I believe is a modest self-challenge.

Make one new design each month employing a technique or material that I have not yet used in my jewelry. And however it turns out, make it public.

ImageThe first couple of months will be easy (I’m not a total fool about my self-challenges). I have these lovely glass and stone pendants that want necklaces on which to hang. I’ve already rejected the usual black rubber or smooth leather cord – too easy and obvious. Also unlikely are sterling silver chains – too pricey in any length worth having. Knotted cord, sure – that’s probably first. Multiple cords with beads worked throughout – maybe. Beyond that my crystal ball is dark, so we’ll have to see what turns up.

The point is to make something. And then another thing. And another thing.

Are there any such things in your future this year?


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