And another thing…Part II

Early in January my challenge to me was to make one new thing, probably using some lovely glass and stone pendants. Off I went to dig in the cedar chest wherein reside fluffy mountains of yarn, cord, and half-done needlework projects from years past. Down at the bottom, along with a child’s fixed heddle loom that is already calling to me, I found a bag full of odds and ends of cord. Bits of nubbly pink/green/white and yards of shimmering blue/green/turquoise. Fluffs of pink angora and mango mohair. Lovely short lengths of this and that that I recall buying at $5 a bag at a yard sale years ago. I had already been experimenting with knotting macrame style, so here was my chance to put that to good use.

ImageA few false starts later, and some hours of figuring out how to work knots with yards of cord without also getting knots in the cord, it’s done. A couple of cord ends crimped into place, a lobster claw clasp, and there’s a new piece in The Prancing Otter‘s inventory.

It’s such fun to try an new technique and have it come out as I envisioned! It happened for this blue and green glass pendant, and I count that for my one more new thing.


2 thoughts on “And another thing…Part II

  1. Thanks Kathleen! For February there will be some more experimenting with knots, and if I can find the right beads, maybe some beads knotted in as well. With weaving class plus several weeks of work on the enormous book project, February may not be a very productive month for the Prancing Otter’s jewelry. We shall see….

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