Sampling Success

Starting the woven samplerFor the past few weeks I’ve been engrossed with warps and heddles and reeds and wefts. Finally, after decades of more or less yearning, I have been learning to weave! I thought I had a sense of what was involved, but in making the very simplest of pieces I’ve learned how very much I don’t know. I’ve quickly gained appreciation for the skill, design ability, and patience required to weave those yummy chenille scarfs I always lust after at craft shows.

Like other fine hand crafts, weaving requires a knowledge of the basics, a willingness to experiment, an ability to visualize the end result, and an acceptance that there will be both human errors and new directions dictated by the material. In the class we happily embrace the tradition of a spirit line or an intentional error that some cultures believe is needed so that we do not pretend to the perfection of a deity. No one could accuse any of us of that hubris!

ImageBut at end we have a finished piece – our first hand woven item. The sampler is two colors of cotton cord chosen to contrast and show the various patterns. For some it’s a one time effort and they decide that they’ve had enough. The rest of us compare how quickly we signed up for the next class and whether we made it in before the class filled up on the second day of registration.

And now I’m planning my next project. A scarf, of course, but with a multi-color warp in Fibonacci sequence, using pearl cotton and summer colors. I have the happy lack of experience to believe it will be wearable without apology…we shall see.

Wait a minute…what about The Prancing Otter‘s beaded jewelry? Not forgotten at all. I’m working on a necklace design using the deep purple beads that are so popular. And you can be sure that there will be woven scarves with beads in the future!

Hmm…with a major book project running at the same time, the main thing I seem to be missing right now is the semi-retirement I had planned!


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