Decisions, Decisions

Scarf warp sleyed These days I’m finding myself, all too often, staring at the computer and wondering what to do next. There is no lack of “things to do,” only the will or ability to decide which one to tackle first. And yes, I do mean tackle – that’s the feeling – that there are many things that need wrestling into line.

Do I take the time now to do some refinements on the big book project because I know what needs doing, or let it go a couple of days because I’m in a lull waiting for others to complete wGreen Hearts Earringsork that I need before I can move to the next major step?

Do I work on some new jewelry designs that are kicking around in my head for The Prancing Otter’s shop, or do I let that wait until I set up the new shop on Etsy? Both need doing – soon – but which gets priority?

Do I attack the box of filing that looms on the corner of my desk? There are papers in there that I need for tax preparation (always such a fun thing!) but not for a few days yet.

Do I update my Silloway Press website as it has needed for lo, these many months? I’ve had new headshots for a long time but my photo on the website is still from about 10 years ago. And, there are new books to highlight.

Do I read up on my newest delight, weaving, and review how to keep a selvedge in line and find out just what a temple is in that context as I start my spring colors scarf?

And what about that pile of books that I like to call my TBR pile (to be read) but doubt that it really qualifies for that title since some of them have been in the pile for well over a year?Kira holding down the papers

And as we return from our afternoon walk, I see so much that needs attention in the front yard now that optimistic daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths are popping up and roses are putting out new leaves and the blueberries are studded with blueberries-to-be. Where do they fall in the priority queue?

As you may have noted, I’m not doing any of those right now. I’m writing out the frustration and hoping that seeing the issues in print will help me decide which to tackle first. Right after I refill the bird feeders, cuddle Kira the cat, and, oh, maybe have a cup of coffee. By which time it will be time to quit for the day. But there’s always tomorrow….


4 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

    • Umm…bird feeders, Kira, and loaded the InDesign file (all 650+ pages!) to make some changes. And then worked on a necklace design on spec. Ah, well, it’s something!

    • I think we sometimes need that mulling time to let things settle out into their priorities. Not that they always cooperate! In that case I believe it is always best to find a cat to cuddle before any further sorting.

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