Blue on Blue

Bracelet WIPHow many blues are there and why is it sometimes hard to find blues that sit happily next to each other? That’s what I’ve been wrestling with recently as I try to find the right beads to create a bracelet. With literally hundreds of beads in my studio (OK, maybe even thousands if you count all the seed beads), how can it be hard to find blues that work with four lovely white ceramic beads and their possibly Chinese characters? This quandry would easily be solved by more of the ceramic beads, but I found them in a thrift store as part of a necklace, so that’s that.

Some lapis beads come close; blue jasper doesn’t work nor do any of my blue glass beads or pearls,  lovely as they are. Of course I’m impatient with the beads. I’ve pulled out every little drawer in the plastic cases I use to corral the beads, checked to see that I haven’t overlooked any candidates, and slid them shut again. I’ve walked to the door to check the blues in natural light hoping that a favorite bead will become miraculously the right shade; it didn’t cooperate.

Finally I have settled on some lapis discs and small cloisonne beads plus antique gold spacers. I think it will work. I have not yet committed to the clasp, ergo the plastic clips gripping the ends of the cord. This ends tonight – time to move on.

Wonder if I have any green beads that will go with these lovely celadon oval beads….


2 thoughts on “Blue on Blue

  1. Ain’t it amazing how varied the seemingly same color can be. The lapis and theoretically Chinese character beads seem to go well together, but then, IMHO, lapis goes with everything… Do you find that working with weaving colors together in thread affects how you weave the colors together in the jewelry?

    • Interesting question! So far the main effect I’ve noticed is that weaving makes me want to use richer, deeper colors for jewelry as well. Looking around my office/studio I realize I’ve surrounded myself with colors, and the ones that make me happiest are the bright ones. (Uh, oh, I’m turning into Mother!) The one thing I don’t have an understanding of yet is how colors work in weaving. You create a warp of colors and then weave with a weft of the same or other colors, and it all changes. Depending on the pattern the warp can be dominant or the weft or they can be balanced. And none of it looks as I’ve envisioned it! I suspect it will take years to predict what something might look like, and even then I could be wrong. But what fun experimenting!

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