ImageA glance out my window shows spring-green Japanese maple leaves, forest-green arborvitae, brilliant red new growth on towering photinias, white droplets on Solomon’s Seal, shell-pink strawberry blossoms, and cheerful yellow primroses. (I’m not counting the smokey-gray/black of the visiting cat this time.) I’m hooked on colors, all hues, all shades.

ImageRecently my collection of colorful glass and stone beads has some competition from the skeins and cones of yarn that litter the floor of my office/studio. From the pastels of the fine cotton that became my first real weaving project in the weaving Imageclass, to the hanks of yummy wools that are wound into balls and then strung on my own small loom, colors are everywhere. I can’t keep my hands off them! I am seduced by newsletters from yarn companies that offer too-good-to-pass-up discounts on close-out yarns. I sort and re-sort my stash of warm wools and mohairs, testing which hand-spun skeins work best with which hand-dyed fuzzies. I grab five or more different yarns that, on their own, don’t contain enough yards to make anything, and I string them up to create a one-of-a-kind scarf. Yikes, I’m having way too much fun! If there’s an intervention for this I don’t want to know.

ImageJust as I send the earrings and bracelets that I create from beads out into the world on ArtFire (and soon on Etsy), so these woven pieces will find their way to the world as well. For now, they decorate my view and inspire more ideas. And some will never make it out the door, for like cherished memories, I cannot bear to part with them. 5



2 thoughts on “Color-Happy

    • The scarf with autumn colors (the red one) didn’t photograph quite right – what looks like black stripes is actually dark green. But I’m glad it says “Scotland” to you – the warm wool would be good for the Highlands!

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