The Prancing Otter is a fun-loving, inquisitive critter. Prone to getting sidetracked by new information and activities, learning is a favorite way to spend time. Like cats, I think otters are very good at living “in the moment,” something most of us could do better than we do. But I also think that has to balanced with some purpose.

For me that means a combination of creating, appreciating, and giving. Creating includes writing, making jewelry, or baking a really good apple pie. Appreciating includes reading, laughing, loving, and saying “Thank you” more often than “Please.” Giving now includes donating time – something that was always a desire but not easily done during years of working for others.  Now that I control my work time as well as my play time, I choose to help in efforts to find new homes for adoptable cats and kittens. If you’ve ever been comforted by a purring cat, you’ll know why I feel that I get more from that than I give.


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